Things to Do When Returning to Flooded Homes 

The damage can be catastrophic when flood waters suddenly enter your home without warning. Everything must be left behind when you are suddenly forced from your home because of rising water. Well, it is true that you want to go back to your home following the disaster.  

Flooded Homes 

You figure that it is now safe to go in and begin evaluating the situation and damage as soon as the water stops rising and it begins to fall. However, there are still many hidden dangers that have to be taken care prior to entering your house. 

Hurricanes can cause widespread flooding in a short period of time as we have seen in the news.  You must know the steps to take for you to return safely to your home after the storm. To help you, here are some tips on what to do after a hurricane. 

    Check Exterior of Home 

It is advisable that you do a visual walk around your home to check if there are any power lines or electrical connections that are downed that may be in contact with the water. Smell the air around you and take note of any distinct odor. 

Call the proper utility company to correct the problem if you find these problems. If water is still around the house it is essential that you check to see if the outside walls have cracked or giving way because of the water pressure being exerted on them. Do not enter your home if there is water still around because there is always a chance that wall will collapse.  

Electrical and Gas Connections 

It is a good start to disconnect the electrical and gas supplies when you arrive at your home. You can lessen the chance of fire and explosion by shutting off the gas supply. You can also lessen the chance of electrocution by disconnecting the electrical supply.  

Your electrical fuse or breaker panel’s main fuse or breaker may still be on even if the power is out or the power supply has been disconnected from the power pole by the utility company. It is likely that at any time during the day, the utility company could turn on the power on to your home. 

You can be subjected to potential shocks hazards because you will not be certainly aware that they have turned back on your power and your panel is now live. Do not enter the home to do so until you can safely enter the home and the water has been removed if the only way to disconnect the gas and power is inside your home and there is still water. 

You must always keep in the back of your mind that electricity and water do not mix. It is true that people die every year due to electrocution in flood-related accidents because many people enter their home after the flood waters have receded. 

Take Precautionary Measures 

If your area is prone to flood, you can lessen the chance of water entering your home with the use of home elevations. You just need to contact professional to assist you with this job. It is necessary that the work is done properly to ensure efficiency. 


How To Have A Safe And Happy Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for kids all over the world; it is their chance to be a completely different character by dressing with unique styles of costume. It is even more eventful because even the adults take part in it by decorating their houses, to make their trick or treating more memorable for the young kids. For one day, we would like the kids to enjoy the day without having to experience any dangers or accidents, hopefully using these tips during Halloween will assure them the safety that they need to enjoy. 


A lot of trick or treating happens in residential areas, mostly villages since this where the majority of the houses are, and they are all beside each other, plus the security makes everything safe. However, you don’t want to be walking in random directions, and end up too far from your home, or to the exit when you are the peak of your fatigue. It will be best to plan out your route so that when the day ends, you will be nearest to comfort by the time your kids are tired. It will be best also to have a car nearby, and request for your companions to pick you up when you end trick or treating.  

Of course, your children would want to go all out when it comes to dressing up, but it may be best to leave out the shoe ware and make sure they are wearing proper walking shoes. Chances are, you will be walking for hours, going door to door asking for candy. If you decide to sacrifice proper sneakers for your child to complete their look, they may end up with sore feet or even blisters. It will be better to prioritize foot comfort. Anyway, the majority of their body will be stealing the show with their awesome costumes.  

Another thing you can purchase aside from costumes will be Halloween safety light reflectors, and what is great about these is that it won’t sacrifice the look of your child. During the day, people won’t even notice these light strips that can be sewn onto the costume. The reason why you should get these is to ensure night safety, there will be a lot of cars passing by, and these reflectors will help the drivers avoid pedestrians that may be in their way.  

The most important requirement when it comes to your children’s safety will be to have companions of legal age with them the whole time. The more companion’s your kids have, then the safer the experience the kids will have, you can’t have too many eyes to look out for the kids. Hopefully, these steps will allow your children to have the time of their lives as their designated super hero, or favorite tv show character. Proper preparation is a must if you want to have good fun, and avoid and unnecessary incidents to occur.